Neapoli (also spelled as Neapolis or Neapoli) is a town located in the regional unit of Lasithi in eastern Crete, Greece. It’s situated near the northeastern coast of the island, overlooking the Mirabello Bay. Neapoli is known for its picturesque harbor, traditional Cretan architecture, and relaxed atmosphere. The natural landscape, characterized by rugged coastline, olive groves, and vineyards, attracts visitors seeking relaxation and outdoor activities.

The town has historical significance, with remnants of ancient civilizations found in the surrounding area, including Minoan and Roman ruins.

Additionally, Neapoli serves as a gateway to nearby attractions such as the ancient city of Lato and the island of Spinalonga, which was used as a leper colony in the early 20th century and is now a popular tourist destination. Gateway to attractions: Neapoli serves as a convenient base for exploring nearby attractions, including the island of Spinalonga, which was used as a leper colony in the early 20th century and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other nearby attractions include the Byzantine Church of Panagia Kera and the cave of Milatos.

The town maintains its traditional Cretan architecture and way of life, providing visitors with an authentic experience of Greek culture. Visitors can explore narrow streets lined with whitewashed buildings, sample local cuisine at tavernas, and engage with friendly locals.

Neapoli offers visitors opportunities for exploring historical sites, enjoying traditional Cretan cuisine, and experiencing the laid-back lifestyle of a Greek coastal town. Its proximity to other attractions in the region makes it a convenient base for travelers exploring eastern Crete.

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